Join the Fayetteville Wheelmen

Our prerequisites are simple:

Own a road bike
Pay the joining fee
Juniors (age 18 in the current year and under) – $75
Adults (19 and up) – $150
Donate some of your time to our team sponsored races and/or outings

In return, a member will receive the following:

First year dues – (subsequent annual dues are $40)
One team jersey and short kit (or upgrade to a racing kit for an additional fee)
Discounted summer and winter team clothing and accessories
Sponsored team rides and team socials
Discounted product purchases
Annual gatherings
Training camps for all levels of riders
Free entry fee for Joe Martin Stage Race
Lots of emails about cycling
More emails about cycling
140+ fellow enthusiast who really enjoy riding their bikes and/or talking about their bikes

Programs currently in place:

NW Arkansas Spring Classic Road Race
Assist in promoting a top-ten professional stage race in the country – Joe Martin Stage Race
Our members are active in cycling:
Annual license holders of USA Cycling, national governing body of cycling in the U.S.
USA Cycling Certified Coaches, Race Officials, Motor Cycle Officials and Mechanics
Race Promoters

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Fayetteville Wheelmen, join us on our team ride from Columbus House Brewery on Sunday leaving at 1:30.  Ask for Shawn Garls, Tim Ray, Louis Stukenborg, or Paul Komarek.  See you on the roads!  

Questions? Email us at